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Amy Farah Weiss

Amy Farah Weiss

Running for

Mayor of SF


Democratic Socialist

A haiku

Grassroots candidate. A homelessness activist. Community first.

Past roles

Founder, Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge (2015-now)
Founder, Neighbors Developing Divisadero (2011-15)


💸 ($15K as of 4/21/18)
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The latest

Amy, and four other mayoral candidates, pledged to secure 1,000 housing units for the homeless within their first year in office.
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Campaign Promises

What Amy says she'll do once she's mayor

Build transitional shelters for 3-3.5K homeless residents

  • Redesign SF's emergency shelter system
  • Develop a multi-year plan for creating affordable housing and shelters

Build more affordable housing; Curb displacement

  • Build thousands of additional dwelling units (ADU's)
  • Create an online registry of people who are seeking affordable housing
  • Activate vacant residential units with property owner incentives, taxes, or fees

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Watch Amy talk

It's not her IRL, but it's close

SFGov TV feature (May 2018)

KABC 7 Segment (May 2018)

KTVU interview (May 2018)

Simulation interview (April 2018)

SF Chronicle Editorial Board interview (April 2018)

Green Party interview (January 2018)


Stuff Amy has done

Amy hasn't passed any laws, but she's been active in the community

Created a transitional shelter pilot program (2017)

As the founder of the Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge, Amy built tiny shelters on vacant lots to house residents living in tent encampments.

Founded the New Liberation Community Garden (2012)

Amy created a community garden next to New Liberation Church to empower residents to do whatever they want in their "backyard".

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Politicians are "people" too

Highlights from Amy's public InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Celebrating Halloween

Hiking with friends

Helping fellow residents

Lovers & Haters

What a few supporters and critics say about Amy


“Our #2 candidate is Amy Farah Weiss, who is the founder of the St Francis Homelessness Challenge, with a focus on improving the conditions of encampent residents and creating safe, organized space for them to live.”
SF Berniecrats
“We’ve been big fans of Amy Farah Weiss since she ran for Mayor of San Francisco in 2015 and are astounded by her tireless and innovative efforts to advance the cause of equity in The City and beyond.”
People Powered Press
“You gotta give it to Amy: she is passionate and relentless when it comes to addressing the homeless and housing crisis, and has done a ton of research and on-the-ground organizing to educate people on the issues. Her voice has added focus and value to these critical discussions, and we’re happy to rank Amy Farah Weiss #3 Choice for Mayor.”
League of Pissed Off Voters


“No one's perfect, but we haven't found a well-reasoned critique of Amy's candidacy. If you see one, let us know at”

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