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Angela Alioto

Angela Alioto

Running for

Mayor of SF

A haiku

A trial lawyer. Daughter of SF mayor. Always nostalgic.



Past political roles

D2 Supervisor and Board President (1988-97)
SF Mayor appointee to develop a Ten Year Plan to Abolish Chronic Homelessness (2004)
Member of SF’s Democratic County Central Committee (2016)
Three-time SF mayoral candidate ('91, '03, '18)


💸💸 ($190K as of 4/27/18)

Did you know

The daughter of former SF Mayor Joseph Alioto. Married at age 19; had four children by 25. As a devout Catholic, she built a chapel in North Beach.
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The latest

Angela, the author of SF's sanctuary city law, announced plans to submit a ballot measure this November to strip down SF's sanctuary city protections for undocumented immigrants.
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Campaign Promises

What Angela says she'll do once she's mayor

House the homeless within first 100 days

  • Clean the streets and house people living in tent encampments
  • Build more permanent supportive housing
  • Direct the police chief to prohibit drug use on the street; encourage drug users to use rehab services

Continue to build 5K new housing units a year

  • Build affordable housing for teachers, families, and workers
  • Coordinate affordable housing construction with public transit construction

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Watch Angela talk

It's not her IRL, but it's close

KTVU interview (April 2018)

Angela talks about the Richmond District (March 2018)

Simulation interview (March 2018)


Stuff Angela has done

Some of the laws and ballot measures she's passed

Helped house 11K+ homeless residents (2004-2014)

Angela led a council that developed SF's Ten Year Plan to Abolish Chronic Homelessness. As a result, the City housed 11,362 homeless adults in a decade.

Wrote the country's first anti-smoking legislation (1993)

As a Supervisor, Angela wrote and passed a law prohibiting smoking in workplaces, restaurants and public arenas in SF.

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Politicians are "people" too

Highlights from Angela's public TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Cleaning the streets

Hanging with horses

Admiring a flower stand

Lovers & Haters

What people say about Angela


“Her understanding of the city and her commitment for public safety make her the best choice.”
SF Police Officers Association
“Angela Alioto is the consummate public servant. She stands up for working people and a safer, cleaner life for all San Franciscans.”
Former state representative Loretta Sanchez
“Even after she left office, she took on Willie Brown -- convened a group that reformed the Sunshine laws, collected signatures, went to ballot and won- a significant victory for open government. She doesn’t back down.”
Doug Comstock, Former ACT UP Activist and Civic Organizer


“No one's perfect, but we haven't found a well-reasoned critique of Angela's candidacy. If you see one, let us know at”

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