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Jane Kim

Jane Kim

Running for

Mayor of SF


Leans Progressive

A Haiku

Studied taekwondo. Ran against Weiner and lost. Embraces failure.

Past political roles

District 6 Supervisor (2011-18)
President of the SF Board of Education (2007-10)


💸 💸 💸 ($409K in campaign cash as of 4/27/18)

Did you know

She was born in NYC. She doesn’t get hangovers, and used to play electric bass with an all female band called "Strangely."
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The latest

Jane is currently in second, within striking distance of London Breed. Jane and mayoral candidate Mark Leno ratcheted up their “anyone but London Breed” campaign yesterday by promoting an ad asking voters to list them as their top two picks on the ballot and to "stand together" to take SF back from billionaires."
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Mayoral Campaign Promises

What Jane says she'll do once she's mayor

Keep our streets clean

  • Expand SF’s Neighborhood Streets team which employs homeless residents to clean the streets
  • Double the number of public restrooms and street cleaners
  • Appoint a Clean Streets Director to coordinate all of the above

Invest in public transit and improve traffic congestion

  • Double or triple our single car MUNI trains
  • Invest in a Bay Area-wide regional ferry system
  • Regulate Lyft, Uber to make sure their complying with traffic laws

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Watch Jane talk

It's not her IRL, but it's close

SFGov TV feature (May 2018)

KTVU interview (May 2018)

SF Chronicle interview (April 2018)

Jane on housing in SF (Feb. 2018)


Stuff Jane has done

Some of the laws and ballot measures she's passed

Offer free City College (2017)

Jane led the effort to fund the Free City Program to make community college education free for residents

Establish below-market rate housing requirement (2016-17)

Jane and Supervisor Aaron Peskin proposed a measure that required large housing projects to include 25% below-market-rate units. The BoS eventually compromised on a 20% BMR mandate.

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Politicians are "people" too

Highlights from Jane's public InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Riding her bike

Hanging at Folsom Street Fair

Making a wish

Lovers & Haters

What a few supporters and critics say about Jane


“Jane Kim has lead the fight for a $15 minimum wage in SF, for Free City College for all SF residents, has negotiated the highest rates of affordable housing in the country, and is currently working on Universal Early Childhood Education for children 0-4 years old.”
SF Berniecrats
“We need a mayor who will listen to our communities. Jane has been a great advocate for the city’s open spaces, parks and recreation facilities, and has always been an advocate for access and equity. She will bring us together as one city and provide opportunities for all of us to live in the city.”
SF API Commissioners and Leaders
“Jane Kim has a long history of actively supporting street safety projects in District 6, which she presently represents on the Board of Supervisors. She authored the City’s 2014 Vision Zero resolution. As chair of the SF County Transportation Authority’s Vision Zero Committee, she led the effort to institutionalize the Vision Zero approach to street safety and repeatedly held City departments accountable for implementing it.”
SF Bicycle Coalition (also endorses Mark Leno)


“In 2015, District Six generated more complaints about human waste, needles and broken glass than any other district in the city, a problem that only worsened the following year.”
SF Chronicle
“If you like me, vote for me — and the other candidate, too. That’s the message being beamed out by candidates Mark Leno and Jane Kim in the San Francisco mayoral race. The two are gaming the city’s ranked-choice election rules in an unprecedented way.”
SF Chronicle Editorial Board
“Jane Kim shamefully voted to put her political ally, a man convicted of domestic abuse against his own wife, back into a position of power as a chief law enforcement official.”
Andrea Shorter, former president of SF’s Commission on the Status of Women

And helping your friends vote is .cool too

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