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London Breed

London Breed

Running for

Mayor of SF



A haiku

Native SFist. Grew up in public housing. Raised by her granny.

Past political roles

D5 Supervisor and Board President (2013-18)
SF Fire Commissioner (2010-12)
SF Redevelopment Agency Commissioner for 5 years


💸💸💸💸💸 (1.1M+ as of 5/18/18)

Did you know

Raised in the Western Addition. Her brother spent years in prison and younger sister died of a drug overdose.
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The Latest

A new poll shows London Breed is leading the pack, but there's a catch: the poll was commissioned by a Super PAC that has spent more than $300K supporting London's mayoral race. The poll also shows a third of voters are undecided.
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Campaign Promises

What London says she'll do once she's mayor

End tent encampments within a year of taking office

  • Write and pass a $50M bond to build modular homes for the homeless
  • Open safe IV injection facilities for drug users
  • Build more homeless navigation centers

Create more housing for all San Franciscans

  • Create a program to pay and make Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) permanent affordable housing units
  • Continue to build 5K units of housing per year
  • Pass Prop D, an increase in commercial rents tax, to fund more housing programs

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Watch London talk

It's not her IRL, but it's close

SFGov TV feature (May 2018)

KTVU interview (May 2018)

KPIX interview (Jan 2018)


Stuff London has done

Some of the laws and ballot measures she's passed

Create Affordable Housing Bonus Program (2017)

London co-sponsored Home-SF, which allows developers to build taller in exchange for for making 30 percent of the units affordable.

Ban on sale of styrofoam products (2016)

London introduced and passed the most extensive Styrofoam ban in the country. (Check out this ridiculous PSA)

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Politicians are "people" too

Highlights from London's public InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Making graffiti

Wearing a onesie

Sporting championship rings

Lovers & Haters

What a few supporters and critics say about London.


“Anyone who thinks London Breed is going to be a pawn of power brokers has never been on the receiving end of a dissenting London Breed phone call. She is fearlessly independent, as tough as she is charismatic.”
SF Chronicle
“London Breed, more than any other candidate, understands that though adding supply is not the only answer to our housing crisis, any answer must involve radically building more homes throughout the city and at all income levels. Her experience growing up in public housing and as a renter give her the first-hand experience to declare that housing is a human right.”
YIMBY Action
“im standing wit the women of #ItsOurTimeSF because its time an accomplished woman led the city #ItsOurTime #London4Mayor”
Snoop Dog


“We endorsed Jane Kim and Mark Leno for mayor since London Breed has NOT been a tenant supporter”
SF Tenants Union
“The real story is that London Breed’s votes on the Board of Supervisors have actually caused a decline in the number of affordable homes in District 5.”

And helping your friends vote is .cool too

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