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Mark Leno

Mark Leno

Running for

Mayor of SF


A pragmatic Progressive

A haiku

Lost partner to AIDS. Became a politician. Now lives in Noe.

Past political roles

California State Senate (2008-16)
California State Assemblyman (2002-08)
Supervisor, SF Board of Supervisors (1998-02)
Democratic National Convention delegate ('00, '04)


💸💸💸💸 ($789K+ as of 4/27/18)

Did you know

He was the first openly gay man to serve in the CA Senate. He once studied to be a rabbi. His father died during this year's campaign.
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The latest

During his four years as Supervisor, Mark made 588 resolutions, 90 ordinances, and 3 charter amendments. An investigative report dug into the data to compare Mark, London, and Jane's legislative histories.
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Campaign Promises

What Mark says he'll do once he's mayor.

End street homelessness by 2020

  • Move at least 1K people into vacant rooms in Single Room Occupancy (SRO) hotels
  • Open as many navigation centers as possible; extend the length of stay from 30 to 60-90 days
  • Purchase private SRO units to create more supportive housing units

Provide universal mental health care

  • Make sure SF has enough psychiatric beds to meet the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act
  • Create a Mental Health Justice Center to treat not punish people

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Watch Mark talk

It's not him IRL, but it's close

SFGov TV feature (May 2018)

KTVU interview (April 2018)

KPIX interview (Jan 2018)


Stuff Mark has done

Some of the laws and ballot measures he's passed

Raise CA's minimum wage to $15 (2016)

Mark authored a bill that increases CA’s minimum wage to $15 by 2022.

Limit solitary confinement in juvenile detention (2016)

Mark passed a state law that limited the use of solitary confinement for punishing minors in jail."

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Politicians are "people" too

Highlights from Mark's public InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Rappelling down a hotel

Eating crab

Kicking it with dragons

Lovers & Haters

What a few supporters and critics say about Mark


“Mark is [Alice’s] first-choice candidate because he doesn’t just talk about progress and process — he truly understands how this works.”
Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club
“Leno is the ONLY elected official who managed to pass limits on the Ellis act at the state level. He did not support the discriminatory, anti-homeless Sit/Lie laws or the tent ban. First and foremost, he will work to keep tenants in their homes.”
SF Tenants Union
“Mark Leno has been a member of the SF Bicycle Coalition for 20 years. He has been a strong ally at the Board of Supervisors, State Assembly, and State Senate. He sponsored the 2001 resolution for the first permanent bike lane on Valencia.”
SF Bicycle Coalition (also endorses Jane Kim)


“If you like me, vote for me — and the other candidate, too. That’s the message being beamed out by candidates Mark Leno and Jane Kim in the San Francisco mayoral race. The two are gaming the city’s ranked-choice election rules in an unprecedented way.”
SF Chronicle Editorial Board

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