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Richie Greenberg

Richie Greenberg

Running for

Mayor of SF



A haiku

Conservative Dem. Tired of crime and homelessness. A Sephardic Jew.

Past roles

Business consultant (2001-Present)
Delegate, Republican Party Central Committee (Present)
Ran for District 1 Supervisor (2016)


💸 ($6K as of 4/26/18)

Did you know

He grew up in NYC and moved to in SF in 2001; Speaks four languages: English, French, Hebrew, Spanish. A fan of Italian motorcycles.
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The latest

In the last mayoral election poll taken April 20-23, Richie was in 5th place with 6% of the vote.
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Campaign Promises

What Richie says he'll do once he's mayor

Improve homelessness within days of being mayor

  • Declare a state of emergency and move hundreds of homeless residents into FEMA-style emergency housing
  • Audit homeless outreach agencies and end contracts with underperforming ones
  • Cease programs encouraging homeless people to move to SF

Increase funding for SF Police Department

  • Hire 400 more police officers to help reduce car break-ins
  • Opposes sanctuary city law and would encourage SFPD to work with federal agencies
  • Provide police officers with Tasers and additional patrol cars

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Watch Richie talk

It's not him IRL, but it's close

Feature on SFGov TV (May 2018)

KTVU interview (April 2018)

SF Chronicle Editorial Board interview (April 2018)

Richie's campaign video on homelessness (April 2018)


Stuff Richie has done

Richie hasn't passed any laws, and recently got involved in politics three years ago.

Campaign for SF Mayor (Ongoing)

Richie was endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans

Politicians are "people" too

Highlights from Richie's public InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Watching the eclipse

Shooting at the gun range

Riding a motorcycle

Lovers & Haters

What a few supporters and critics say about Richie.


“In accordance with San Francisco's ranked choice voting system: London Breed and Richie Greenberg in positions 1 and 2 in any order. You can put Breed first or Greenberg first.”
Small Property Owners of San Francisco


“No one's perfect, but we haven't found a well-reasoned critique of Richie's candidacy. If you see one, let us know at”

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