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Delaine Eastin

Delaine Eastin

Running for

Governor of California



Current Role


Past roles

CA Superintendent of Public Instruction (1995-03)
CA State Assemblywoman (1986-94)
Union City Council Member (1980-1986)


💸 ($900K as of 5/1/18)

Did you know

She was born in San Diego. Her mother had an alcohol problem. She was one of the first in her family to go to college. She's divorced, and lives in Davis.
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The latest

Among the top six gubernatorial candidates, Delaine is currently polling last with 6% of the vote, behind John Chiang
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Campaign Promises

What Delaine says she'll do once she's governor

Invest in the education system

  • Create universal, high-quality preschool for all in the next five years
  • Make college at UC, CSU and Community College tuition free
  • Build new colleges, technical schools and universities

Ban oil and natural gas fracking

  • Better regulate methane emissions from various industries
  • Stop black carbon pollution from agricultural and residential burning, and industrial smokestacks
  • Oppose oil drilling and efforts to import coal and export fossil fuels

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Watch Delaine talk

It's not her IRL, but it's close

SF Chronicle (April 2018)

KQED News interview (June 2017)

TYT (April 2018)


Stuff Delaine has done

Some of the policies she's passed

Wrote CA's Deaf Education Bill of Rights (1994)

As an Assemblywoman, Delaine authored the first bill to acknowledge the challenges of deaf and hard of hearing students

Authored the largest landfill cleanup bill in CA history (1987)

AB2448 imposed a fee on landfill operators to raise an estimated $100M for Superfund landfill cleanup work

Politicians are "people" too

Highlights from Delaine's public TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Sitting in the middle seat

Pumping gas

Volunteering in the city

Lovers & Haters

What people say about Delaine


“Eastin is the only candidate who is (really) committed to reforming Prop. 13, to single-payer health care, and to radically changing the state’s priorities. We are proud to endorse her.”
SF Bay Guardian
“I have watched Delaine’s lifetime of advocacy for education and her skill as a legislator and I know she will do great things for California.”
Former SF supervisor Tom Ammiano
“As State Superintendent of California’s schools, Delaine was one of the first leaders in the country to stand up for the rights of LGBT students. Delaine doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. I am proud to endorse her as our next governor.”
Harry Britt, former SF supervisor and activist


“On Eastin’s watch, California’s education spending rose from about $5,500 per pupil to more than $9,000. Even so, test scores languished at alarmingly low levels and Eastin opposed reforms aimed at raising standards and expanding parental choice.”
The Orange County Register

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