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Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom

Running for

Governor of California



Current Role

Lieutenant Governor of California, two terms (2011-Present)

Past roles

Mayor of San Francisco (2003-11)


💸 💸 💸 💸 💸 ($26.5M as of 5/1/18)

Did you know

Grew up in the Bay Area. Prior to politics, he sold orthotics and founded a profitable wine business. Had an affair with a top aide's wife
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The latest

Newsom holds a clear advantage in the polls, with Villaraigosa and Cox vying for the second seat to advance to the General election in November.
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Campaign Promises

What Gavin says he'll do once he's governor

Champion progressive values

  • Defend sanctuary state status; ensure state agencies are trained to prioritize immigrant communities
  • Close pay gap; expand family and sick leave for parents; increase workplace protections for women
  • Launch a Getting to Zero initiative to eliminate HIV and Hepatitis C

Invest in education to fuel the economy

  • Develop transformation maps of every industry and region to identify job trends and education data
  • Establish 500K apprenticeships in manufacturing, energy, health, and other industries by 2029
  • Offer two free years of community college

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Watch Gavin talk

It's not him IRL, but it's close

Gavin on KQED Newsroom (Feb 2018)

Gavin Newsom on what motivates him (Feb 2018)

Newsom opens up about his dyslexia (Dec 2017)

Gavin Newsom on KQED This Week (2013)


Stuff Gavin has done

Gavin's most notable legislation and public agenda

Defied state law and issued same-sex marriage licenses (2004)

While it was still illegal in California in 2004, Gavin, as Mayor of SF, ordered his County Clerk to issue 4K same-sex marriage licenses.

Passed universal health care in SF (2007)

As mayor, Gavin implemented Healthy SF, a program that provided health care to all residents including undocumented immigrants

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Politicians are "people" too

Select photos from Gavin's public social media:  InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

At the aquarium

Getting some milk

Reading to kids

Lovers & Haters

What people say about Gavin


“Over the years, Newsom has demonstrated that he is serious, and he can be bold and prescient, sometimes exceptionally so. In 2004, he sanctioned same-sex marriages in open defiance of state law, a move that seemed revolutionary then and seems worth barely a shrug now.”
SF Chronicle Editorial Board


“Newsom, now the front-runner in the governor's race, missed scores of meetings held by the University of California Board of Regents, the California State University Board of Trustees and the California State Lands Commission, according to a Times review of attendance records.”
LA Times

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