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John Chiang

John Chiang

Running for

Governor of California



Current Role

State Treasurer (2015-Present)

Past political roles

California State Controller (2007-15)
Member, California Board of Equalization (1997-07)


💸 💸 💸 ($12.8M as of 5/1/18)

Did you know

He grew up in Chicago. Son of Taiwanese immigrants. His younger sister was brutally murdered.
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The latest

John launched his first TV ad touting his record as state controller and treasurer during the Recession.
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Campaign Promises

What John says he'll do once he's governor

House 4M low- and moderate-income residents

  • Advocate for a $9B bond to build more affordable housing
  • Reserve 35% of property taxes to fund low- and moderate-income housing
  • Increase CA's Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program by $600M every year

Invest more in education and empower school districts

  • Establish Academic Senates to allow school districts and teachers to design curriculums
  • Offer student loan forgiveness and residency and mentorship programs to recruit and retain more teachers
  • Make SAT/ACT prep available as an elective class for all public high school students

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Watch John Chiang talk

It's not him IRL, but it's close

on KQED News (Sep 2017)

KPBS Interview (Feb 2018)

KTVU Interview (Jan 2018)


Stuff John has done

A few of the polices he's passed

Refused to cut state worker salaries (2008)

As the state controller during the Recession, John defied Gov. Schwarzenegger's request to cut state worker salaries to minimum wage.

Withheld legislators’ paychecks after they blew the deadline to pass the state budget (2011)

John exercised his voter-approved authority to punish lawmakers for failing to pass the budget by the constitutional deadline. Each lawmaker lost about $5K.

Politicians are "people" too

Highlights from John's public InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Picking an apple

Playing with kids

Eating a burger

Lovers & Haters

What people say about John


“The political courage he demonstrated as mayor bringing fiscal discipline to a city in crisis will serve him well in Sacramento if he is elected.”
The Compton Herald
“Chiang, 55, may not have Newsom’s San Francisco charisma, but he does know economics. Call him a wonk, but so is Brown, and like Brown, he knows the value of deliberation and frugality.”
San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board
“Chiang is not the flashiest candidate in the race — not even close — but his eight years as state controller and four as treasurer (his current post) makes him the best prepared to helm a diverse state with nearly 40 million residents and a $190 billion budget.”
LA Downtown News


“No one's perfect, but we haven't found a well-reasoned critique of John's candidacy. If you see one, let us know at”

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