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Travis Allen

Travis Allen

Running for

Governor of California



Current Role

CA State Assemblyman from Huntington Beach (2012-Present)

Past roles

Financial planner (2001-Present)


💸 ($1.1M as of 5/1/18)

Did you know

He was born in San Diego. Father of two children. Voted for Trump, but has also donated to Democrats. One of 66 people to set a Guinness World Record for 'Most People Riding a Surfboard'
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Gavin Newsom (D)John Cox (R)Antonio Villaraigosa (R)John Chiang (D)Delaine Eastin (D)

The latest

Travis and gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom sparred over infidelity and sexual harrassment during a recent televised debate.
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Campaign Promises

What Travis says he'll do once he's governor

Cut taxes

  • Repeal $.12 gas tax increase
  • Cut income, sales, and corporate taxes
  • Eliminate ineffective state agencies

Get tough on crime

  • Repeal sanctuary state status in first 100 days of office
  • Reverse AB 109, Prop 57, and Prop 47, which changed criminal classifications
  • Make CA a shall-issue carrying a concealed weapon permit state

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Watch Travis talk

It's not him IRL, but it's close

CalMatters interview (May 2018)

SF Chronicle interview (May 2018)

Allen v Cox on who's conservative (April 2018)


Politicians are "people" too

Highlights from Travis' public InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Driving across the Bay Bridge

Planting a tree

Handing out red envelopes

Lovers & Haters

What people say about Travis


“The political courage he demonstrated as mayor bringing fiscal discipline to a city in crisis will serve him well in Sacramento if he is elected.”
LA Times Editorial Board
“Villaraigosa not only displayed an effective, judicious management style in persuading his City Council to restrain city spending during a budget-crippling recession; he won voters’ approval for ambitious transportation projects and beefed up his police force. ”
San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board
“Even after she left office, she took on Willie Brown -- convened a group that reformed the Sunshine laws, collected signatures, went to ballot and won- a significant victory for open government. She doesn’t back down.”
Doug Comstock, Former ACT UP Activist and Civic Organizer


“Allen touts a California of the past, where everyone has a right to live in a single-family home with a lush lawn, where homeless people are carted off to institutions or sent on one-way bus trips out of state, where public schools are magically improved by private school vouchers, and roads are smooth and speedy even though the gas tax has been repealed. It's a fantasy, and Allen ought to know better.”
LA Times Editorial Board
“Allen’s attack-dog style and name-calling play well with Trump voters, but his shtick offers no reason to believe he could ever get elected or accomplish anything if elected.”
San Diego Union Tribune Commentary

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