Nobody knows what’s going on in local politics

(And you can change that)

National politics gets our attention, but local politics is what needs our attention. Issues like housing, homelessness, immigration, and public transit affect us everyday, but local politics is traditionally designed for insiders. Our mission is to explain some of the stickiest issues in the Bay, starting with SF and San Jose, so you know how to take action in 2018 elections and beyond.

Local is where we can have an impact, but change can't happen without your help.

Two ways you can help right now
The 2018 election is near, and you can help us inform California.

What we've done so far

We made a '16 voter guide
lance bass tweet

And Lance Bass dedicated an entire tweet to us. summarized CA's 17 ballot propositions in plain English (and Español). It reached a million people, and we hope we can make you smarter this year too.

We built this thing

It's called By The Bay, and it's for elections and local issues. We've spent months reading the tiny text of government PDFs to explain how you pass a law and SF’s housing shortage, and we want to help you better understand the complex issues of The Bay.

People believe in us
The Knight Foundaiton

We received two grants – $15K from the Jim Bettinger Newsroom Innovation Fund and $75K from The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to build BTB and cover the midterm elections in San Jose.

But we have more to do

Soon, we gotta vote again

Local primaries are coming up in June and midterm elections are in November. There's inevitably going to be a number of confusing measures and candidate races on the ballot. We want to create an easy-to-understand resource for local issues and nonpartisan local voter guides in 2018. With your support we can...

Multiply ourselves

Multiplying to different parts of California
Multiply By The Bay – Expand our coverage to other cities like Oakland, Berkeley, and Los Angeles.

Multiply ourselves

Multiplying ourselves so that we can do more
Multiply Yvonne and Jimmy – Hire a full-time developer / designer and two editorial researchers.

And Multiply ourselves

Multiplying our cells
Literally continue to multiply our cells – We've been working full-time on BTB for 6+ months, and we need to eat to continue our perfunctory biological processes.
This entire effort adds up to $400K, but with your help, we can change the way we understand local issues.
Help us inform millions of people
If you want more colors, please chip in
Local politics doesn't have to be biased and boring. Help demystify how our cities work. Your $10, $20, or $100 gift means a lot.

Other ways you can help

We know you’re talented, too. We're looking for:
animated gifs of different roles you can have
Whether you’re a designer, developer, motion graphics artist, or video editor, building beautiful things is in your bones. Help us reimagine how we think and learn about local issues.
animated gifs of different roles you can have
If you love to research and write about cities, culture, and communities, well, let your wonk flag fly! Share your expertise and what you think are the most important stories in the Bay Area.
animated gifs of different roles you can have
We can’t do this alone. If your organization cares about civic engagement and/or is working on local issues, let’s talk and change the game together.
At the very least, you can sign up
Are you in?

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