Literally a screenshot

It turns out it was just an allergic reaction to that quantity of guac.
How are we going to talk about local politics without being boring?
I think it worked well with
Yea, when people can vote to put condoms on pornstars, it's not hard.
I think our approach should be fun and absurd. SF is the place for wild ideas.
But no one knows/cares how the city works.
But if we get our friends to care maybe they’ll start going to town halls, BoS meetings...
maybe run for office? #SFmayor2019
I wish. Unlike national politics, local is where anyone can make a real difference.
Just look at Weiner.

By The Bay is led by Jimmy Chion and Yvonne Leow, two San Franciscans, who love almost all things Californian.

We believe local issues like housing, homelessness, immigration, and public transit affect us everyday, but local politics is made for insiders (and confusing AF, which doesn’t help anyone). BTB is our way of changing that. This is how we’re different.

Demystifying how cities work

Beginning with San Francisco and San Jose, BTB takes a deeper dive on why things are the way they are and how they came to be. We’re also creating beautiful, easy to understand state and local voter guides for 2018 midterm elections. We’d love your help.
The Bay is a complex, colorful place and we strive to represent all perspectives fairly. We operate independently from other organizations and/or political parties. The only thing that can sway us is facts (and maybe Mission burritos).
Dozens of Bay Area residents have already shared their time and expertise to help create BTB. We can’t exist without you. Our goal is to build a tool that people will use and hopefully make some friends along the way ️.
For-profit with a mission
Maybe you’ve heard: local journalism isn’t doing so hot right now. Community impact is our bottom line, but a for-profit structure allows us to stay nimble and Think Different™. We plan to create By The Bays in other Bay and non-Bay cities, and figuring out how to be sustainable is essential.

We can tell you how this shapes up

Local politics drives our daily life. We strive to be nonpartisan and present all perspectives fairly, so please send us a note via email or text with any corrections, concerns, or questions.

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