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Literally a screenshot

It turns out it was just an allergic reaction to that quantity of guac.
How are we going to talk about local politics without being boring?
I think it worked well with
Yea, when people can vote to put condoms on pornstars, it's not hard.
You don't need to know a lot to be dangerous.
You can start a conversation by just saying, "Ron Conway."
So what are we making?
A tool to help people understand and get involved in their local community, starting with elections.
Why elections?
It's when people get spammed by politicians and get a thiccck voter guide in the mail. We'll help them sort through the madness.
And then trap them into reading text message convos.

About us (really)

By The Bay is led by Jimmy Chion and Yvonne Leow, two San Franciscans, who love almost all things Californian.

Local issues like housing, homelessness, and public transit affect us everyday – way more than the constant national din – but it's hard to know how to participate. By The Bay is our way of changing that, starting with elections.

We made a thing before

In 2016, we built to explain all the confusing CA propositions. To our surprise, it reached ~1M people in one month. This year, we're covering the elections once again, hopefully making you a little smarter, and our community a little better.

We're funded by the Knight Foundation

In 2017, we received a $75K grant from the Knight Foundation to continute The Knight Foundation is a nonpartisan organization that supports journalism that informs under-served communities. BTB is a fiscally sponsored project under the nonprofit Asian American Journalists Association.

BTB is the new, extending into local politics. Our grand goal is to create unique brands in different regions throughout the US that encourage people to learn more about local politics.

We're nonpartisan, but not boring

We're strive to be nonpartisan – we try to convey all the relevant arguments in as convincing and factual way as possible. We are all human though – so please email us at if you see anything that needs some TLC

Emails never hurt anyone (email servers tho...)

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Local politics drives our daily life. We strive to be nonpartisan and present all perspectives fairly, so please send us a note via email or text with any corrections, concerns, or questions.

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